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CBSE Value Based Questions for Class 10 Mathematics

Download CBSE Value Based Questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Term 2 - Quadratic Equations Standard form of a quadratic equation. Solutions of quadratic equations (only real roots) by factorization, by completing the square and by using quadratic formula. Relationship between discriminant and nature of roots. Situational problems based on quadratic equations related to day to day activities to be incoporates.

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Download CBSE Value Based Questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Term 1 - Coordinate Geometry Review: Concepts of coordinate geometry, graphs of linear equations. Distance between two points. Section formula (internal division). Area of a triangle.

Download CBSE Value Based Questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Term 2 - Some Applications of Trigonometry Simple problems on heights and distances. Problems should not involve more than two right triangles. Angles of elevation / depression should be only 30, 45, 60 degree.

Download CBSE Value Based Questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Term 2 - Circles Tangent to a circle at a point. (Prove) The tangent at any point of a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact. (Prove) The lengths of tangents drawn from an external point to circle are equal.

Download CBSE Value Based Questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Term 1 - Probability Classical definition of probability. Simple problems on single events (not using set notation). If there are n elementary events associated with a random experiment and m of them are favourable to an event A then the probability of happening of event A is defined as the ratio and is denoted by P(A).

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myCBSEguide App

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CBSE Value Based Questions class 10 Mathematics

CBSE Value Based Questions class 10 Mathematics

Class 10th Mathematics CBSE Value Based Questions in for free download in PDF format. The most CBSE Value Based Questions for annual examination from are given here for download. The additional questions for practice from X class CBSE exam are collected from various sources. It includes questions asked in previous year exams, questions provided by Kendriya Vidyalaya KV schools, DoE, Delhi government school, Navodaya Vidyalaya samiti NVS and other government and private schools in India and abroad that are affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. Class 10 Mathematics have different set of questions. The questions includes 1 mark questions, 2 mark questions, 3 mark questions, 4 mark questions, 5 mark questions and other questions as per the latest CBSE curriculum for the current session.

Chapter Wise CBSE Value Based Questions Class 10 Mathematics

CBSE Value Based Questions, guess papers, most expected questions and best questions from 10th Mathematics have CBSE chapter wise CBSE Value Based Questions with solution for free download in PDF format. 10th Mathematics have many topics. All these topics are included in CBSE chapter wise Value Based Questions of class 10 Mathematics.

Mathematics Solved CBSE Value Based Questions for 10th Chapter Wise CBSE

  Class XII Mathematics NCERT book, refresher books and other reference books have many CBSE Value Based Questions. These questions are repeatedly asked in exams in one or other way round. Practicing such most CBSE Value Based Questions certainly help students to get good marks in exams. The solved question papers from  have all type of questions may be asked in annual exams such as VSA very short answer type questions, SA short answer type questions, LA long answer type questions, VBA value based questions and HOTS higher order thinking skill based questions.

NCERT Class 10 Mathematics Chapter-wise Exemplar Solutions

  • Chapter 1 - Real Numbers
  • Chapter 2 - Polynomials
  • Chapter 3 - Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Chapter 4 - Quadratic Equations
  • Chapter 5 - Arithmetic Progressions
  • Chapter 6 - Triangles
  • Chapter 7 - Coordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 8 - Introduction to Trigonometry
  • Chapter 9 - Some Applications of Trigonometry
  • Chapter 10 - Circles
  • Chapter 11 - Constructions
  • Chapter 12 - Areas Related to Circles
  • Chapter 13 - Surface Areas and Volumes
  • Chapter 14 - Statistics
  • Chapter 15 - Probability

 CBSE Value Based Questions and Answers for CBSE Exams




1. Ram asks the labour to dig a well upto a depth of 10 metre. Labour charges Rs. 150 for first metre and Rs. 50 for each subsequent metres. As labour was uneducated, he claims Rs. 550 for the whole work. What should be the actual amount to be paid to the labours? What value of Ram is depicted in the question if he pays Rs. 600 to the labour?

2. Nidhi saves Rs. 2 on first day of the month, Rs. 4 on second day, Rs. 6 on third day and so on. What will be her saving in the month of Feb. 2012? What value is depicted by Nidhi?

3. 200 logs are stacked such that 20 logs are in the bottom row, 19 in the next row, 18 in the row next to it and so on. In how many rows are the 200 logs placed? What value is depicted in the pattern of logs?

4. How many two digit numbers are there in between 6 and 102 which are divisible by 6. Ram calculated it by using A.P. while Shyam calculated it directly. Which value is depicted by Ram?

5. In a school, students thought of planting trees in an around the school to reduce air pollution. It was decided that the number of trees, that each section of each class will plant, will be the same as the class, in which they are studying e.g. a section of class-I will plant 1 tree, a section of class II will plant 2 trees and so on till class XII. There are three sections of each class. How many trees will be planted by the students? What value can you infer from the planting the trees?

6. Rs. 9000 were divided equally among a certain number of students. Amit was given the responsibility of dividing this amount among the students but 20 more students admitted to the school. Now each students got Rs. 160 less. Find the original number of students? What value of Amit is depicted in the question?

7. By a reduction of Rs. 2 per kg in the price of sugar, Anita can purchase 2 Kg sugar more for Rs. 224. Find the original price of sugar per kg. What value of Anita is depicted in the question?

8. Due to some technical problems, an aeroplane started late by one hour from it starting point. The pilot decided to increase the speed of the aeroplane by 100 km/hr. from its usual speed, to cover a journey of 1200 km in time. Find the usual speed of the aeroplane? What value (Quality) of the pilot is represented in the question?


9. A motor boat whose speed is 9 km/hr. in still water goes 12 km down stream and comes back in a total time 3 hours. Find the speed of the stream? Explain the situation when speed of stream is more than the speed of boat in still water.

10. A peacock is sitting on the top of the pillar which is 9 metre high. From the point 27 metre away from the bottom of the pillar, a snake is coming to its hole at the base of the pillar. Seeing the snake, the peacock pounces on it. If their speeds are equal, at what distance from the hole is the snake caught? What value is experienced by the peacock after catching snake?

CBSE Value Based Questions  for class 10th CBSE

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