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Download CBSE class 4 EVS study material in PDF format. MyCBSEguide provides solved papers, board question papers, revision notes and NCERT solutions for CBSE class 4 EVS. The topics included are Plants and Animals, Habitats, Air and Water, Our Environment, Our Food, Human body and Health, State of Matter, Work, Force and Energy, Our Universe, India Our Country, Our Natural Resources, Map and Directions, Land and People of India, Indian Government, Means of Transport, Means of communication, Things we make and do.


1. Family and Friends
1.1 RELATIONSHIPS Your mother as a child
When your mother was your age who were the relatives she lived with?
Where do babies come from?
Have you seen a newborn baby - where did she come from? Where does the puppy/ kitten/ calf/ chick come from? Do you know of people who are looking after/ have adopted a child?

My extended family
Are there things you learn from your family members? What? Do you do anything different from other members of your family? Do all your family members live with you all the time? When do you meet members of your family who do not live with you? What festivals do you celebrate together?

Feeling around with eyes shut
With your eyes and ears closed can you identify the people/animals living with you merely by touching/smelling? By touching can you tell if anything is cold/hot, wet/ dry, smooth/rough, sticky/slippery, soft/hard? Are there some things which you are not allowed to touch? Do you feel uncomfortable when some people touch you?

1.2 .Work and play
Fun and fights at play!

Do you play the same games at school that you play at home? What things do you use to play with? Does the school provide these? Do you fight while you play? How do you decide the rules for the games? Does anyone stop you from playing? Who and why? Do you play with every child (boys and girls) in your neighbourhood? Are you stopped from playing with certain children?

How they learnt their skills
In your area do you know the people who do the following: make pots/stitch clothes/ make shoes/cure people/ build bridges/ embroider/fly planes/ repair cycles/ drive buses, etc? How well do you know them – their names, family etc? What tools do they use for their work? Where did they learn how to do these things?

Fun at the fair/Circus Have you been to a fair or a circus? Which is the item you liked best – was it a ride, a game, something you saw/ate/bought? When do you fly kites? How do you make them fly?

1.3. Animals
Animals and their friends

Which animals like to move around in groups? Which animals are shy and do not come near you? Have you seen animals playing with or riding on different animals?

Who is attracted to flowers?
Why do bees/butterflies come to flowers? How do people collect the honey from bee hives?
Long ears or short? Which animals have ears? Which animals have hair on their body?

Roots of plants

Do all plants need water to grow? Which part of the plant absorbs water from the soil? When you tug at grass, why does it not come out easily? Why do plants/trees not get uprooted when there is a strong wind? Which roots are eaten by people during famine when nothing else grows?

Which plants around us have flowers? Do they come only at some times of the year? How is the bud different from the flower? What are the different kinds of flowers we have seen – shapes, colours, petals, aroma, etc? What do we use flowers for? Do you eat any flower? Have you seen flowers motif painted on clothes, walls, floors, pots, animals? Who sells flowers in our area? Where do these come from? How are flowers sold - for how much?

Whom do trees belong to?
Which plants/trees around you are looked after by people – by whom? Which are not? Whom do they belong to? Who eats the fruit of trees that grow wild?

How we get our food How does food reach us? Who grows it? How you seen vegetables and fruits growing? How you seen plants of rice/ wheat/ dal etc? What are the spices do you know? Which spices can we recognize by smelling or tasting.

Special occasions
When do many people eat together? What food is eaten? Who cooks it? How is it served? Does you get a mid day meal meal in school? - What items? Who provides the mid day meal?

Tongue and Teeth
How do we taste different foods? How do teeth help us to eat – are all teeth similar? Which teeth have I dropped and how are the new ones different?

Teeth, beaks and claws
Are the teeth of other animals similar to ours? Can we tell what birds eat by looking at their beaks? Are the claws of birds also different? Is their shape related to the food they eat?

Houses then and now
Do you live in houses similar to ones your grandparents lived in? Are houses now made of similar materials as was used then? What are the differences?

What do you do with waste in your house? Where do you throw it? Do you reuse any waste materials? Who takes away the garbage?

Where animals live
Do animals live in shelters? Which animals live in water? On land? Underground? Are there any animals that we see only at night? Where do they go during the day? Do we know of animals that make their own shelter?

When birds make nests
When and why do birds make their shelter? Do all birds make nests? Where do different birds nest - when do they fly away? With what different materials do birds make their nests?

Mapping our neighborhood
Who are my neighbors? Do I have any of the following near my house – a school, grocery shop, market, well, river or pond? Where are they with respect to your house?

Water fit for drinking
What are the major natural sources of water in your area? Is the water fit for drinking – do you clean it at home? Do you know how dirty water can make you ill? Why do we not drink seawater? How is salt separated from seawater?

Water sources
Where do you see large amounts of water in your neighborhood? Is it a tank/pond/canal/river/ dam? What do men/ women/children/ animals do with the water there? Is it used for bathing/washing? Who bathes/washes there and who does not? How can we ensure that this water is not made dirty? Do you find factories/ people dumping garbage or harmful materials in rivers or seas? Are some animals also facing problems due to what we do to the rivers or seas?

Our river/sea
Which is the river closest to our locality? Do we find any change in the water flow in different seasons? Which are the big rivers we know of? Have you seen the sea? Which are the animals found in the sea/river?

Water vanishes when heated?

Why do puddles dry? In which season do wet clothes dry easily? When do they dry with difficulty? Have you seen and wondered where water droplets on the outside of a cold glass of water came from?


Animals for transport Have you traveled on a tonga / horse carriage? How is it different from travelling on a bus? Are the horses well looked after?
Have you seen a horseshoe? Why is it used? What materials have you seen being transported using animals? Are there any special occasions when you ride on animals?

Paying for travel How do pay for our travel by train/bus/boat etc.? Who issues/checks the bus /rail ticket? Which currency notes and coins have you seen? Pictures of which animals can we see on a ten rupee note? Which symbol is found on every coin? How many scripts can you recognise on a note? Who is the person whose face is shown on every currency note? What coins/notes did our grandparents use when they were young?

Travel to another place
Do you know anyone who has traveled very far from your village/city? Why did they go so far? What are they doing there? How do they travel when they visit your family?

6. Things We Make And Do
Building materials and tools
How are bricks made? What tools have you seen being used for making a wall or a house? Is there a bridge to cross while coming to school? What kinds of bridges have we seen and where? How many kinds of bridges can we make?

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