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CBSE class 3 EVS study material in PDF format. MyCBSEguide provides solved papers, board question papers, revision notes and NCERT solutions for CBSE class 3 EVS. The topics included are Things around Us, World of Plants, World of Animals, Air and Water, Human Body and Health, Foods we eat, Clothes and dresses, Festivals, Works around Us, Our helpers, Means of Communication, Means of Transport, India Our County, Earth our Home.



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Download CBSE class 3 EVS study material in PDF format. MyCBSEguide provides solved papers, board question papers, revision notes and NCERT solutions for CBSE class 3 EVS. The topics included are Things around Us, World of Plants, World of Animals, Air and Water, Human Body and Health, Foods we eat, Clothes and dresses, Festivals, Works around Us, Our helpers, Means of Communication, Means of Transport, India Our County, Earth our Home.

1. Family and Friends

Who all live with you at home? How are they related to each other? Do you have relatives who do not live with you? Have they always been there? How many children did your grand parents have? Who do you think will be your new relatives in future?

My family and me
Do you look like anybody in your family? Have you learnt anything from anybody in your family? Whom do you admire most among all your relatives? Who is the most caring and patient person? When do you meet members of your family who do not live with you?

Whom do I look like?
Do some of your relatives look similar? Which features are similar – eyes, ears, the voice or height? Are there any two people in your family who look exactly alike?

Old and the physically challenged
Do you know of people who are hard of hearing? Are many of them old? Do you have any friends who cannot hear/see well? Is there any way in which you may have helped them? Are there any sounds you like but others/elders do not?


Plants around us
How many different kinds of plants do you see around you? What are the differences you notice? What things around you are made of plants? Is there a plant in your area that was not there when your grandparents were young? Do you know of some plants which do not grow around you, say things that we eat and not grown around you?
Leaves in our lives What different kinds of leaves do you see? Do you use plant leaves to eat on? In what other ways are leaves used? Is there some time of the year when lots of leaves fall to the ground? Are they burnt? Have you seen a compost pit? What leaf motifs do you find on clothes, pots, walls, animals, etc.? Do you decorate your house with leaves on some occasions?


Animals: small and big
Which are the smallest and the biggest animals you have seen? Which have you only heard about? Which animals have tails? How many legs?

Some creepy crawlies – and flyers too
What different kinds of small crawling animals do you know? Where and from what does each of them hide? Which insects can crawl and also fly? Which ones bite us? Can flies make us ill? Why does a spider make a web?

Which are the birds you see around your area? Do they like some trees more than others? What do they eat? Can you recognize birds by their feathers? What are the different sounds they make? Are they saying something to each other? Are there some birds that come from other places? Do you feed any birds or place water for them?


Work around me
What are the different kinds of work done around me? What work does my mother/ father/ brother/ sister etc. do? What work do I do? What work do others do? When I am not working what do I do? When my father/ mother is not working what do they do?

Working children
What kind of work was done by children when your grandparents were young? Has that changed today? Who are the children you know who work and go to school/ who work and cannot go to school?

Games we play
What games do I play? Did my grandparents play the same games? Are these indoor/outdoor?

2. Food

Foods from plants and animals
Which of these is food – red ants, bird’s nests, snakes, bananas, goat’s milk, etc.? What plants do you eat - what parts of the plant? What food do we take from animals?

What do you eat that is not cooked? What is eaten only when cooked? How do you cook food? What do you cook it on? What are the different kinds of vessels used for cooking? What are they made of? Is water used in all forms of cooking? Which food is cooked without using water? How?

Eating in the family
Do all members of the family eat the same food in your family? Who eats more? Who eats last in your family? Who buys the food and what is bought from the market? Who cooks the food in your family? What do babies have for food? When do babies start eating and what do they eat other than milk?

What animals eat
Do animals eat the same things? What do different animals eat? Do you feed the animals around you - what? What do they take from your house even when not fed?

3. Shelter

Houses and houses
Have you seen - a house on stilts, a tent, a flat on the tenth floor, a house on wheels or a house on a boat? Do you know anyone living in such houses? Why do people use such houses?

Decorating and cleaning our shelter How do you decorate your shelter? Do you draw designs on your walls/ floor or decorate with leaves/flowers/other objects? How do you keep your house clean? Do you also help in cleaning? Who mops and sweeps it? Where do you throw the garbage? Do you have any problems living in your house during rains, summer or winter? Have you seen houses with sloping roofs? Why are they made sloping?

My family and other animals
Who all live with you? Which animals live with you - which are the biggest and the smallest animals living in your house? From where do they get their food? Where in your house do these animals live? Which of them are seen only at night?

Mapping my neighborhood
How big is your school? What kind of a building is it? Can you draw a picture of your school and your classroom ? Do you know your way around your neighbor-hood? Can we explain to someone how to reach the post office or the bus stand from our house?

4. Water

Water for my family
What are the main sources of water in your locality? Who fetches the water and from how far? Do all the people in your locality use the same source of water? Are some people not allowed to take water from where you take it? From where do you get water? Does it look clean enough for drinking?

Do animals and plants need water?
What happens if plants and animals do not get water – how do you see that a plant or animal is thirsty? Do all animals/ plants need the same amount of water? Which plants/animals need the least?

Water shortage
When is it difficult to get water? Are there some people in your area who always face water shortage? What would happen if we had no water? Have you seen water being wasted – how? How can we avoid it? Do you reuse water?

Water in our lives Which of your daily activities use water? Do you and others you know wash your hands and feet before you enter the house? Why do you think this is done? Can you describe the scene of a rainy day – with details about birds, animals, plants and yourself?

Storing water
How do you store water in your home? Do you collect rainwater - how? How much water do you store every day? About how much do you use for drinking or bathing? In what kinds of containers do you store water for drinking/ washing/or for animals? What are the containers made of? If the water is at the same level in a narrow and a broad container does it mean they contain the same amount of water?

5. Travel
Going places
Has your family traveled together to another place? Where and what for? How did you go? How long did it take? How far did your grandparents (or other elderly persons) travel when they were young? How did people travel in those times? How do people travel today in the desert, hilly areas, on sea, etc.

Ways to travel
How do we go to school? How do we travel to other places? How many different ways have we travelled? How many different ways of travel do we know of? Have you been to a railway station? What all do you seen there? Who are the people who work at the station and on the train? How did people travel in the past?

Talking without speaking
If I cannot speak, how do I tell people what I want to say?

Mailing a letter
What happens when I post a letter? How does it reach my friend? Who are the people who help to do this? Are there any other ways of sending a message? How was a letter sent in the past?

6. Things we Make and Do

What kinds of pots do we see around us? What containers are used to store grain? What kinds of containers did people make long, long back with rings of clay- when they did not have a potter’s wheel? Can you make such pots and dry them in the sun – how long do you think these will last? How does the potter bake them?

In how many different ways can you wear a long cloth that is not stitched? How many kinds of sarees or lungis have you seen worn by people from different parts of the country? How many different colours do we know of – how many new ones can we create? What are fast colours and what problems do we face when colours run? How do we make our own vegetable block prints and tie and dye?

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