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Class 7 Worksheet PDF Download, NCERT Solutions, MCQ Tests

You can get CBSE Class 7 Worksheet PDFs, MCQs for Maths and Science Olympiads, NCERT Questions and Answers in myCBSEguide Mobile App. This free android app has the best course content for CBSE class 7 students. 

You can download class 7 Maths and Science worksheets as PDF for daily practice. We also provide professionally designed worksheets for class 7 English, Hindi and Social Science. NCERT Textbook solutions are something that you will get for free in myCBSEguide App. This is the best mobile app for CBSE students. You will find this education app on the handset of every CBSE student. Most of the class 7 Students prepare for Maths and Science Olympiads too. Here, they have to attempt MCQs on subject-related topics as well as on Logical Reasoning. 

Logical Reasoning and Mental Ability

My CBSE Guide is the first mobile application for CBSE students that has introduced Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability as a subject. This will make our students ready for future challenges. We know that every competitive exam has a special section on Reasoning questions, but no school prepares students for this. We at myCBSEguide are committed to providing the best in quality education to our students. The logical reasoning section will prepare them for all such exams well in advance. 

On the other hand, reasoning as the subject will develop the problem-solving ability among students. They will learn to solve real-life problems and strengthen their mental ability and the ability to think differently. 

Prepare for Olympiad Exams

As discussed, class 7 Maths and Science olympiads have MCQs. There are usually two sections. One is Reasoning & GK and the other is subject-related MCQs. Now, if you want to prepare for the Olympiad exam, you need lots of MCQs for practice. MyCBSEGuide App provides you chapter-wise MCQs for practice and many online MCQ tests to check your performance. Here are the subjects in which you can get MCQ questions:

  • Mathematics MCQ Tests
  • Science MCQ Tests
  • Social Science MCQ Tests
  • Hindi MCQ Tests
  • English MCQ Tests

Class 7 NCERT Book Question & Answers

You can access class 7 NCERT book questions and answers in myCBSEguide App. Certainly, you can find class 7 textbook solutions for free over the internet but if you are searching for verified solutions, you will get them in CBSE Guide App. We have chapter-end answers as well as answers to the questions asked within the chapter. Here are some apps providing NCERT Text books solutions:

  • Byjus - The Learning App
  • MeritNation
  • Toppr
  • Embibe
  • myCBSEguide - Complete Guide for CBSE Students

Here, you will find and myCBSEguide is the only website that is designed specifically for CBSE students. It provides All-in-One solution for class 7 students which includes:

  • Printable Worksheets (chapter-wise)
  • Online MCQ Tests
  • Practice Questions for Olympiads
  • NCERT and Exemplar Solutions
  • Model Question Papers
  • Revision Notes for each chapter
  • Previous Year papers

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