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Questions for CBSE Class 9 Reasoning & Mental Ability

Questions for CBSE Class 9 Reasoning & Mental Ability are now available on myCBSEguide. This section is an essential part of almost all competitive exams at any given level. We bring the secon…

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Reasoning & Mental Ability tests are inseparable parts of all the competitive or entrance exams. We present customized quizzes and online tests for reasoning skills. Our Question Bank for CBSE Class 9 Reasoning & Mental Ability is now available on myCBSEguide Dashboard which has secondary-level questions.

Class 9 Reasoning & Mental Ability Tests Questions

What are Reasoning Skills?

Critical thinking skills like analysis, evaluation and synthesis can be called Reasoning Skills. It also includes a wider range of skills like abstract thinking, creative thinking, information processing, and problem-solving. Therefore, we generally associate Logical Reasoning Skills with our problem-solving ability. Although we use our reasoning abilities in our day-to-day work we fail to realize it. For instance, prioritizing things, making choices, and arranging or re-ordering things all involve some or the other kind of reasoning or logical skill.

The reasoning skill is not confined to the ability to conclude, it is the factors that influence this ability. Our experiences, background, knowledge exposure, and emotional endurance all influence our reasoning skills too. These factors may not be favorable for most of us and hence we need regular mental exercise to enhance our Reasoning & Mental Ability. Students can practice Class 9 Reasoning & Mental Ability from the myCBSEguide app to prepare for any level of exam, or even for fun.

How can Reasoning Skills help children? 

Well, skills like logical reasoning help the young brain to become aware of their thought processes. It renders reflective thinking to become easier. We use logical reasoning skills in our everyday life but most of the time we do it unconsciously. Logical thinking demands the active employment of our mental faculties. It helps us deduce the logical steps to draw a conclusion. Completing puzzles (like crosswords and sudoku) and games are examples of direct or active application of logical thinking and reasoning skills. However, for any form of assessment formal logic is used. Our class 9 reasoning & mental ability module has numerous questions of different categories. It gives formal training to the students through online tests in various courses. We have specially-designed courses for Entrance Test, Olympiad, Competitive Exams, and other boards.   

Question pattern for Class 9 Reasoning & Mental Ability

Logical reasoning encompasses several different types of reasoning: deductive, inductive, and abductive. Hence, Reasoning skills tests are a common form of aptitude test. Generally, the Reasoning & Mental Ability Test can be divided into two sections: verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Verbal reasoning questions are asked from Data Sufficiency, Directions, Seating Arrangements, Dice, Series Completion, Blood Relations, Venn Diagrams, Arithmetic Reasoning, Classification, etc. Whereas questions from non-verbal reasoning skills are based on Patterns, Water Images, Reverse Images, Analytical Reasoning, Analogy, Cubes & Dice, Paper Cutting/Paper Folding, Figure Matrix, Embedded Images, Mirror Images, etc.

Our Class 9 Reasoning & Mental Ability Test module will give you an enjoyable learning experience in this field. It hones up a candidate's analytical and thinking skills in a playful quiz format. The online test on myCBSEguide can be fun practice for secondary students.

Correspondingly, CBSE has also shifted its focus from comprehension and memorizing skills to competency-based knowledge acquisition. The assessment will now look for the application of these acquired skills rather than their retention.

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