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Question Bank for CBSE Class 8 Reasoning & Mental Ability

Practice class 8 reasoning & mental ability questions on myCBSEguide. It offers elementary-level logical reasoning questions sorted topic-wise with an online test facility. 

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India's best user-friendly myCBSEguide app brings to you a question bank for the Class 8 reasoning & mental ability. It has the latest questions that test your reasoning skills. So, now boost up your children's mental abilities with our online tests right from their elementary level.

Questions for Class 8 Reasoning & Mental Ability 

The logical reasoning and mental ability section can broadly be divided into VERBAL and NON-VERBAL. The class 8 reasoning & mental ability section has elementary-level questions on logical reasoning. Our question bank provides topic-wise with an online test facility too. 

  • The Non-Verbal section usually has questions related to pictures or diagrams and core logic. The questions from this section are based on mathematical concepts like rotation, mirroring, shape, size, and direction. It may also have diagram-based questions like Cubes & Dice, Paper Cutting/Paper Folding, Figure Matrix, Embedded Images, etc.
  • In Verbal reasoning, the concepts and issues in verbal logical reasoning questions are conveyed in words. This section generally has questions based on Seating Arrangements, Blood Relations, Venn Diagrams, Arithmetic Reasoning, Classification, Dice, Series Completion, etc.

However, certain questions require the deductive application of analytical reasoning. With this in mind, some of our questions on topics like blood relations, and seating arrangement are placed under both verbal and non-verbal categories.

The MAT (Mental Ability Test) section is a compulsory section in junior-level competitive exams. Exams like Olympiad and NTSE are an utter test of the mental abilities of the candidates. Even though being a scoring section, students tend to falter in silly areas. Sometimes due to a lack of confidence, they cannot score well. In that case, students must start early if they are serious about this section. To begin with, students must take a trial online test of class 8 reasoning & mental ability. If you are not registered with us, simply download myCBSEguide and select your desired course to get in.

Class 8 Reasoning & Mental Ability Online Test

The best way to improve our child's logical reasoning skills is by practicing online Reasoning & Mental Ability Online Tests. The more the child practices, consequently the more conversant s/he becomes with the format and structure of the test. The contemporary assessment pattern is based on judging students' problem-solving abilities. With this intention, the CBSE is also engaged in designing a competency-based curriculum and assessment. Therefore, we advise building up children's abilities right from a young age, i.e., from the elementary level. The class 8 reasoning & mental ability module available on myCBSEguide will certainly serve this purpose. 

Anyone can boost up their logical reasoning skills. It only requires continuous practice. The more practice tests one attempt, the more familiar one gets with the format and structure of the test. Parents, teachers, or even the students whosoever is interested in getting a taste of advanced education should not keep away from this section. They can also check out our CBSE course section for a subject in particular. One can access our online tests that provide curated tests for every kind of exam on the whole on the myCBSEguide

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