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CBSE Class 6 Reasoning & Mental Ability Questions

Get questions on reasoning & mental ability for class 6 on myCBSEguide. Start preparing from the very basic level with our quality questions sorted topic-wise. 

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Get Class 6 reasoning & mental ability questions on myCBSEguide. Start preparing from the very basic level with our quality questions sorted topic-wise. Reasoning & Mental Ability is the most important section in any given examination. Children must focus on this area right from their elementary level to get a command over it. 

Class 6 Reasoning Questions & Mental Ability Questions

What is Reasoning or Mental Ability?

When we apply our thinking abilities to decode or solve any problem then we are supposed to be using our reasoning abilities. We use our logical reasoning skills in our daily life but we tend to be aware of it. Most of the time when we are using our logical reasoning skills we are doing so unconsciously. We are aware of using our logical reasoning skills consciously only while solving any puzzle or while playing mental games. Try such questions from the CBSE class 6 reasoning and mental abilities section of myCBSEguide to get a hang of it.

Types of Reasoning or Mental Ability

There are two major types of questions on reasoning and mental abilities. These questions can be VERBAL or NON-VERBAL. When the concepts and issues are conveyed in words it is called verbal reasoning. Questions on Coding-Decoding, Days-Dates, Blood Relations, Classification, Dice, and Series Completion can be classified under this section.

Whereas, when the questions are based on the core logic and are asked in the form of pictures or diagrams it is called non-verbal reasoning. These are mostly based on mathematical concepts like rotation, shape, size, analogy, direction, paper-cutting, figure matrix, etc.

Although being a scoring section, most of the students could not score well as they are uninformed about the tricks and methods to take on such questions. Due to this reason, students falter in silly areas.  The best way to sharpen our mental abilities is through experiential learning. This can be done by practicing such types of questions. The online tests on class 6 Reasoning & Mental Ability on our Students' Dashboard present questions of varied typologies. 

Practice Class 6 Reasoning & Mental Ability

Why do we emphasize reasoning abilities as an important section even though it is not a part of the CBSE curriculum? As we all know that Mental Ability Test (MAT) is a compulsory part of any competitive exam, be it a junior-level or a senior. Exams like Olympiad and NTSE purely test the mental abilities of the candidates. Besides, the new education policy (NEP) also pitches for a competency-based approach in pedagogy that underlines analytical (problem-solving) abilities. Therefore, practicing questions on mental abilities and reasoning questions is the only alternative.

Students' companion, the myCBSEguide, brings tailor-made questions arranged topic-wise to your platter. You can find hundreds of questions on CBSE class 6 reasoning and mental abilities.  It helps students, teachers, and parents to prepare in advance for what will come tomorrow. Our budding minds have a lot of distractions in today's time. We need to train them for a highly-competitive world. Hence, in a world full of distractions, playful learning is the key to success.

Our updated database has ample reasoning questions for class 6 students and they have to attempt these questions in an interesting quiz pattern. We strive to make learning enjoyable. This will serve as a two-way process, first, it will make you like the subject and secondly, it hone your logical reasoning skills. This arouses the analytical power of your brain and trains it to think logically. This also helps in the long-lasting retention of knowledge. 

You can try on the complete course on CBSE from the Students' Dashboard, which has free important questions, NCERT and Exemplar solutions, revision notes, etc. It also includes the Class 6 Reasoning & Mental Ability section. MyCBSEguide app also provides hundreds of chapter-wise MCQs for Olympiad Exams. These are very useful for Maths Olympiad and Science Olympiad Exams. 

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