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Class 5 Logical Reasoning Worksheet | Mental Abilities Questions

Get Class 5 CBSE Reasoning & Mental Ability worksheets, Online tests on the myCBSEguide app. The elementary-level reasoning questions are sorted topic-wise here for easy access. 

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Well begun is half won, as we say, because a better beginning can lead to the best end. In the age of "coding seekho", here we bring you the basics of analytical thinking. It is called reasoning or mental ability. Prepare for this ability right from the elementary level, download the myCBSEguide app, and access questions on mental abilities and logical reasoning for any level. This section has class 5 reasoning and mental ability worksheets and online tests.

Class 5 Reasoning Questions & Mental Ability Test

Mostly referred to as mental aptitude, logical reasoning and mental ability is one of the rarest talents and comprise the most common ability-testing area of any competitive examination

Reasoning skills generally refer to critical thinking skills. It may be as wide as including abstract and creative thinking skills as well. But, basically, when we talk of generic reasoning skills we refer to a person's analytical and problem-solving capabilities. These skills make children aware of their thought processes and subsequently help them to make their reflective thinking easier. This can be reinforced only by practicing mental ability questions.

Logical Reasoning is not a subjective topic, hence, it can not be mugged up. Students need to practice and try different types of reasoning questions that test their mental ability. For the elementary level, questions available in CBSE Class 5 Reasoning & Mental Ability section can be the best. 

Practice Papers for Class 5 Reasoning & Mental Skills

Questions on reasoning help in judging a candidate's problem-solving ability, critical thinking, and calculative capacity. It demands the capability to connect different fragments into a logical order. Sometimes, it also calls for the potential of prediction and evaluation. This talent cannot be acquired all of sudden, it needs time and sheer practice.

The reasoning & mental ability questions on myCBSEguide give varied choices of levels. It has practice questions in the form of CBSE worksheets and online tests from all three levels - elementary, secondary, and senior secondary. Our CBSE Class 5 Reasoning & Mental Ability questions are divided into two sections called verbal and non-verbal reasoning. 

Sample Questions for Class 5 Reasoning Ability

The two types of reasoning questions are explained below:

The VERBAL Reasoning as the name suggests has questions written in words. These questions are based on Series, Classification, Coding-Decoding, Directions, Days and Dates, Puzzles, etc. One sample question from our worksheet has been given below:

The question given below is from the Coding-Decoding section:

If House is called HutHut is called FieldField is called Drain, and Drain is called Tray, then where is football played?

  1. House
  2. Hut
  3. Field
  4. Drain

The NON-VERBAL reasoning questions are figure-based, mostly based on mathematical concepts like Patterns & Series, Analogy, Classification, Mirror Images, Geometrical Shapes, Embedded Figures, etc. 

Given below is a question from our CBSE class 5 reasoning worksheet on Embedded Figures:

Select the figure in which the question figure is hidden/embedded.

  1. Figure (a)
  2. Figure (d)
  3. Figure (b)
  4. Figure (c)

As you can see the complexity of these questions demands dedication and regular mental exercise. One can never get the desired result by preparing during the last month for any such examination (that has an aptitude test). The results will obviously be disturbing. We advise against any such lax approach. An honest preparation is the only alternative.

Mental ability is a scoring section and getting it through can become really easy. Students have to be well-equipped with the basics and make little effort with the material aid of myCBSEguide. The CBSE Class 5 Reasoning & Mental Ability has CBSE worksheets on mental ability and online tests for logical reasoning. 

Apart from this, our CBSE class 5 study material includes lessons, printable worksheets as PDF, old question papers, online tests, chapter summaries, NCERT solutions, practice papers, and interactive videos in Maths, Science, and Social Science, Hindi, and English. You can get the complete course on CBSE from the myCBSEguide app.

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