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CBSE Class 4 EVS NCERT Solutions & Videos

Get CBSE Class 4 EVS chapter-related study material on myCBSEguide. Our resources are in the form of Textbook Solutions, Interesting Learning Videos, and worksheets. 

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CBSE Class 4 EVS Study Material

MyCBSEguide brings to you the chapter-related study material for CBSE Class 4 EVS. Our study material is in the form of Class 4 EVS NCERT Textbook Solutions, Videos, and worksheets. The CBSE book that is to be followed for the primary level is Looking Around. Class 4 EVS syllabus has several story-based chapters which help the students to connect with their environment and nature. The chapters in the syllabus are interesting and grab children's attention. Given below is the chapter list for CBSE Class 4 EVS:

  • Going to School
  • Ear to Ear
  • A Day with Nandu
  • The Story of Amrita
  • Anita and the Honeybees
  • Omana’s Journey
  • From the Window
  • Reaching Grandmother’s House
  • Changing Families
  • Hu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu
  • The Valley of Flowers
  • Changing Times
  • A River’s Tale
  • Basva’s Farm
  • From Market to Home
  • A Busy Month
  • Nandita in Mumbai
  • Too Much Water, Too Little Water
  • Abdul in the Garden
  • Eating Together
  • Food and Fun
  • The World in my Home
  • Pochampalli
  • Home and Abroad
  • Spicy Riddles
  • Defence Officer: Wahida
  • Chuskit Goes to School

EVS is a subject that has both the elements of science and social science and yet it is different from them. It touches on our day-to-day experience and presents information in a relatable way. Therefore, it can be discerned that it is an indispensable part of the academic curriculum. Students need to focus on this subject for two good reasons: First of all, it gives operational knowledge which can be broken down to be used as life skills. Secondly, it has such topics which will be useful in the long run, in other competitive or national level examinations. In some Universities, EVS is a compulsory subject (along with the languages) at the graduation level-1.

You can find class 4 EVS NCERT solutions for respective chapters and related worksheets. The colorful animated videos of each chapter are self-explanatory and make the learning experience interesting for our kids. The best part is our Class 4 EVS package is free of cost as of now. 

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