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  • CBSE Syllabus
    • CBSE syllabus for class 09 Social Science as issued by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for the CBSE affiliated schools in India and Abroad. CBSE CCE Syllabus for first term and CCE Syllabus for second term is available for download in this section.

  • CBSE Sample Papers
    • CCE Sample Papers for Class 9 Social Science for Summative Assessment in First and Second Term as prescribed by CBSE. These are sample question papers for summative assessment (term end examinations) for the newly introduced Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation based syllabus for class IX.

  • CBSE Last Year Papers
    • CBSE Last Year Question Papers for class 09 Social Science for Annual Examinations conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for all CBSE affiliated schools in India and abroad. CBSE Question papers taken by schools (home exam) are included. CBSE Sanskrit question papers for both term-1 and term-2 are available in this download.

  • CBSE Test Papers
    • CBSE Test Papers for class 09 Social Science are designed to provide thorough practice of the content. The whole syllabus is divided into four parts- History, Geography, Civics and economics. We have added another part for mixed test papers which includes Unit Test Papers, Half Yearly Papers and other monthly and weekly tests conducted by various schools. These test papers are arranged in alphabetic order. Students are advised to go upto the last page to get the desired test papers.

  • OTBA Material
    • Open Text-Based Assessment Material and sample papers for class-09 Social Science. OBTA carries 10 marks. The text provide here is issued by CBSE. Sample papers for OTBA are prepared by KVS, Delhi Govt. and teachers from CBSE affiliated schools.

  • User Submitted Papers
    • CBSE class-09 Social Science Sample papers, Test papers, unit tests, class tests, assignments, half yearly papers, annual exam papers, formative and summative assessments, worksheets submitted by website users. Please check relevancy of the papers before use.



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