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Download Sample papers with your name and logo in 30 seconds using myCBSEguide Test Generator. Schools, Coaching Institutes, Teachers and Tutors can create online MCQ tests and question papers without typing a single question.

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Now you can create and save your own blueprint. This will help teachers to use the same blueprint multiple times. Especially when you want to prepare multiple sets of same question paper with the same difficulty level.

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Create question papers with your name and logo. This tutorial will help you to go through the process and create the question papers in minutes. We have more than 3 Lakhs questions to choose from.

टेस्ट जेनरेटर डेमो

सीबीएसई टेस्ट जेनरेटर की मदद से आप किसी भी क्लास और सबजेक्ट के प्रश्न पत्र (हल सहित) ऑनलाइन बना सकते हैं वो भी अपने स्कूल या कोचिंग क्लास के नाम और लोगो के साथ। हमारे पास तीन लाख से अधिक प्रश्नोतर हैं। आप इन प्रश्नों से यूनिट टेस्ट, क्लास टेस्ट, मासिक टेस्ट, अर्ध वार्षिक टेस्ट और वार्षिक परीक्षा के लिए प्रश्न पत्र बना सकते हैं। हम क्लास 6 से 12 तक कुल 60 से अधिक विषयों के लिए टेस्ट जेनरेट करने की सुविधा प्रदान करते हैं।

CBSE Online MCQ Quiz Maker

Create and Share MCQ quiz online with myCBSEguide Test Generator. The ultimate quiz maker for CBSE students and teachers. Now schools and coaching institutes can create and share MCQ quiz online with their students. The students will attempt the quiz and you will get their result in your screen instantly. This quiz maker is available for classes 3 to 12 in almost all major subjects. 

How to use Group Questions

If you wish to add questions from different chapters within one main question, you should use this option. We have given some sample labels. You can use them, edit them or create your own group question label. Here are some use-cases of the group questions: (a) To add questions from multiple chapters, (b) To add Fill-ups and True/False, (c) To add questions with sub-parts such as Write an article in any one of the following.