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Compare the situation of Belgium and Sri Lanka considering their location, size and cultural aspects
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Nasir Shaikh 3 months, 4 weeks ago


Ragini Dushadh 4 months ago

Belgium is a small country in Europe. It has a population of a little over one crore, about half the population of haryana. The ethnic composition of Belgium is very complex. Of the country 's population, 59% live in Flemish region and speak Dutch language. Another 40% live in wallonia region speak French language. Remaining 1% speak German. In capital city Brussels 80% people speak French language and 20% people speak Dutch language. Srilanka is an island nation, just few kilometers from southern coast of Tamil nadu. It has about 2 crore people about the same as in haryana. Srilanka has a diverse populations. The major social group are the sinhala speaker (74%). The Tamil speaker are the 18%.

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