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Explain the concept of MOC using a numerical examples
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Kunal Agarwal 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Imagine :- If you have two commodities noodles and spaghetti. If you want to produce spaghetti you will have sacrifice some proportions of resources used to produce noodles or if you have to make noodles you will have to sacrifice some of the resources used to make spaghetti. It means that MOC works on a principle that to gain one additional unit of a commodity an economy needs to sacrifice some number of units of another commodity

Muskan Saha 5 months ago

If we want to move from combination A to combination B ,we will produce one additional unit of X but,we will have to for go 2 units of Y.The marginal opportunity cost of X in terms of Y at this stage is 2 units similarly for other combination too can be worked out.

Rishab Raj 5 months ago


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