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How different social group, political parties, pressure group, movement group, and intrest group share power ?
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Sukhmandeep Kaur 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Power sharing arrangements can also be seen in the way movements, pressure groups and political parties influence those who wield power. Choosing the various contenders for power is a choice and freedom that should be given to citizens. This results in competition among different parties in contemporary democracies. This competition helps in ensuring that power does not remain in the hands of one political party. In the long run, power gets shared between political parties representing different social groups and ideologies. When an alliance is formed among two or more parties to contest elections, the power sharing is direct. If this alliance of different political parties wins the elections, then the Government formed will be a coalition Government which will result in sharing of power among political parties. By taking part in the decision-making process and by participating in the governmental committees, the different interest groups such as those of industrial workers, farmers, industrialists, businessmen and traders will also have a share in the Governmental power.

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