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Everyone on board did contribute to save wavewalker. Justify
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Preeti Dabral 2 months, 2 weeks ago

It is quite true, after the Wavewalker was irreparably damaged by the colossal wave, everyone on-board contributed to save it.  

Not only the elders on the boat worked hard, kept nerves, and cooperated with one another, the six year old son, and the seven year old daughter behaved courageously and bravely also in the face of the storm. The six year old son Jon reassured his dad that he was not afraid to die if he could be together with his family. So these fearless words motivated the author to do his best to save the damaged boat. The author was really a great sailor as he repaired the damaged boat, steered it and made it steady in the raging storm.  

Larry Vigil and Herb Seigler, the professional sailors hired in S. Africa helped the narrator in tackling the Southern Indian Ocean. They proved to be real saviours when the ship had been flooded with the sea water. They pumped like madmen to keep the water levels reasonably low. Each and every person on Wavewalker did their best to save the boat. Their courageous efforts were nothing but sheer hard work, keeping nerves, and cooperation. So, they survived the disaster.

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