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Describe Ibn Battuta 's account of Indian cities
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Himanshu Patel 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Ans. Ibn Battuta found cities in the subcontinent full of exciting opportunities (i) According to him the city of Delhi covered a wide area and had a large population. (ii) The rampart round the city was without parallel. The breadth of its wall was of eleven cubits, and inside it were houses for the night sentry and gate-keepers (iii) There were twenty-eight gates of this city which are called darwaza and of these the Budaun darwaza was the greatest, inside the Mandwi darwaza there was a grain market, adjacent to the Gul darwaza there was an orchard. (iv) The city of Delhi had a fine cemetery in which graves had domes over them (v) The city was densely populated and prosperous. (vi) The cities had crowded streets, bright and colourful markets that were stacked with a wide variety of goods (vii)The bazaars were the hubs of social and cultural activities. Most bazaars had a mosque and a temple, and these public performances by dancers, musicians and singers happened. (viii) The towns derived a significant portion of their wealth through the appropriation of surplus from villages (ix) Music in the market (Tarababad). (x) A unique system of communication (uluq and dawa)

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