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Function of male or female reproductive …



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Function of male or female reproductive system
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Preeti Dabral 1 week, 1 day ago

The human male reproductive system consists of:

  1. Testes - Are the primary reproductive organs in males which are in pair. These are oval shaped organs which lie outside the abdominal cavity. It makes the male *** cells called sperms and produces male *** hormones called testosterone. The testes are situated in the scrotal sac outside the main body cavity because the formation of sperms requires a lower temperature than the normal body temperature.
  2. ******* - Is a muscular pouch which houses the testes. It is present outside the abdominal cavity and maintains a lower temperature than the normal body temperature.
  3. Epididymis - The sperms formed in the testes goes into a coiled tube called epididymis which stores the sperms temporarily.
  4. Vas Deferens (sperm duct) - It is a long tube which carries the sperms from epididymis to another tube called urethra.
  5. Seminal vesicles and prostrate gland - Both these glands are present along the path of vas deferens and add their secretions to sperms which allows them to transport easily.
  6. ***** - It is an organ which passés the sperms from the man's body into the ****** in the women's body during mating.

The secretions of seminal vesicles and prostrate gland provide nutrition to the sperms and also make their transportation easier by secreting a thick liquid.

  • A pair of Ovaries
    • One on each side of uterus
    • Produce female *** cell (ovum/ova)
    • Secrete female hormones estrogen & progesterone
  • Fallopian tube
    • Exist in pairs , originating from uterus extending up to each ovary
    • Receives ovum from ovary
  • Uterus
    • Pear-shaped muscular hollow structure
    • Foetus develops here
  • Cervix
    • Narrow lower part of uterus
  • ******
    • Tube like structure
    • Sperm discharge occurs here
    • Acts as birth canal

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