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Show how weight of an object in moon is 1/6the weight of an object in earth
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Suppose we have an object of mass 'm'. Let its weight on the moon be 'Wm'. Again suppose that the mass of the moon is 'M' and its radius is a 'R'. Now, according to universal law of gravitation, the weight (force) of the object on the moon will be : Wm = (G × M × m)/R². This is the calculation of the force by which the moon attract any object. Suppose the weight of the same object on the earth be 'We'. Now, we know that the mass of the earth is 100 times that of the moon, and the radius of the earth is 4 times that of the moon. Thus, if mass of moon is 'M', then the mass of the earth will be '100M'; and if radius moon be 'R', then the radius of earth will be '4R'. Now, taking the mass of earth as '100M' and radius of earth as '4R', and applying universal law of gravitation, the weight of object on the earth will be : We = (G × 100M × m)/(4R)² = (G × 100M × m)/16R². Now, dividing the Weight of the moon (Wm) by Weight of the earth (We), we get: Wm/We = (G × M × m × 16R²)/(R² × G × 100M × m) ; Wm/We = 16/100 ; Wm/We = ⅙ ; Wm = ⅙ of We. DERIVED....

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