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BBC compacta passage etiquette in the classroom
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Angel Sharma 6 days, 22 hours ago

Module 7

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Answers to the current crisis of water may lie in the lack of reliance on our own tradition by our communities. Indians, over centuries, developed a range of techniques to harves every possible form of water, from rainwater, stream and river water as well as floo water. They have tapped water from hill streams or springs known as kuhls carrying discharge of 15-100 litres per seconds. In Meghalaya, a 200-years old system of tapping stream and spring water for plants by using bamboos still exists. Credit must go to the people of the villages of Rajasthan and particularly Jodhpur, here old water system still exists and where the traditional system was maintained even after the advent of piped water. Villages which neglected their traditional system and relied solely on piped water sources faced scarcity under drought conditions. An ironic of water management is that between Jaisalmer and Cherrapunuj which get 100mm and 15,000 mm of rainfall respectively, Jaisalmer had enough water for itself until recent years, while Cherrapunji the wettest place on the earth, faced a drinking water shortage. Alwar district, also in Rajasthan, has been successful in harvesting water thereby bringing prosperity to its villages. In India, during the season of summer, our taps go on without water and we feel the scarcity of water. It is because we are much careless about the use of water and waste It extravagantly.
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