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Activity 1.7 chemistry



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Activity 1.7 chemistry
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Aditya Singh Rathore 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Observation: Hammering a piece of the iron nail does not break the nail but flatten its surface. Hammering chalk breaks the chalk and gives us powdered chalk. We can stretch the rubber band to a large length without any break. Inference: Force of attraction between molecules of different substances is different. Explanation: In activity 1.6 we saw that force of attraction between solid, liquid and gases is different. This experiment focuses on the force of attraction between different solids. Here all the particles are solid, but the force of attraction between their molecule is different. In iron nail force of attraction is the highest. The force of attraction in chalk is lower, so breaking them into pieces is easy. Rubber contains a long chain of molecules linked to each other by covalent bonds. This long chain structure gives them high elasticity.

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