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ASSIGNMENT Ch - 1 (HISTORY) (A) Tick the correct answer--- 1) The places where the rice was first grown is ____. (a) in the north of Vindhyas (b) on the bank of Ganga (c) garo hills (d) None of the above 2 ) All inscriptions contain both script and languages. Scholars understand what was written through a process known as_______. (a) scripting (b) decipherment (c)cartouche (d) all the above 3 ) The people lived on the bank of river______ in the ancient time. (a) Ganga (b) Narmada (c) Yamuna (d) Satluj 4 ) What helps us to find out the records of hunters, fishing folk etc. (a) archaeology (b) astrology (c) biology (d) all of these 5) Years after the birth of Jesus Christ are counted____ (a) backward (b) forward (C) upward (d) downward (B) Answer the following questions---- 1) Name the place where wheat and Barley were first grown? 2 ) Name one tributary of river Ganga. 3 ) How did the merchants travelled in the past? 4 ) How can you say that archaeologist and historians are like detective?
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Ayush Kumar 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Different ways in which people pray

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