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Write the name of the important sites, their location and importance of Indus valley civilisation?(12th history ch.1 of partI)
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Anushka ? 2 months, 2 weeks ago

But this ch is from the Term 1 perspective

Simran Nijjar 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Answer:- Important Mature Harappan Sites and their location:- 1. Hrappan》Punjab Province, Pakistan (on an old bank of the River Ravi) 2. Mohenjodaro》Larkana District of Sindh Pakistan on bank of Indus river. 3. Kalibangan》Rajasthan India 4. Dholavira》Gujarat India 5. Lathal》Gujarat India 6. Katdiji》Sindh,Pakistan 7. Banawali》Haryana India 8. Chanhudaro》Sindh, Pakistan 9. Nageshwar》Gujarat India Importance of Indus valley civilisation:- I don't know

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