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......KID ZONE SCHOOL.. ...... P4 exam... .......Class 5 .... .........GK....... ......FM..80 A.Name the following.20*2 1. The first Indian in space___ 2.who portrayed the role of cleopatra in the film CLEOPATRA... ... 3. The famous Indian actor was very popular in USSR who was he.... 4. Name the costliest film in history of Indian cinema..... . 5. Name the first talkie film produced in India in 1931 ...... 6. The United Nation came into existence in.. 7. Which of the following is not a principal organ of the United Nations... 8.the President of the United Nation general assembly is elected for a period of.... 9.The TouchDown in snow on 11th April 1984 was near a town called.. 10. How many days did the joint manned flight took.. 11. Who was the project producer of famous film Lagaan... 12. the spaceship that carried Rakesh Sharma into space was..... 13.Soyuz T ll was launched from the cosmodrome...... . 14. Who was the first American astronaut to orbit the earth.... 15. Who was the first animal to make a space flight... ... 16. Where did the Viking space probes land.. ..... 17. How far away does space begin....., 18. Name America's first Earth orbiting space station.... .. 19.Al-Aqsa is located in... .. 20 what are Columbia Discovery Challenger and Atlantis ... ..... B.. answer the following question. 1. For what is Annie besant Known... .. 2. Why do wet clothes dry slowly on a rainy day? . 3. Which award is given in India every year for literary work. 4. Which cricketer has scored the maximum number of runs in ranji trophy... ... 5. What isSucheta kripalani known for... .. 6. What is the social work done by Mother Teresa... .... 7 your favourite cartoon show? 8. who was the founder of the first girls school establish in Kolkata. 9. What is harbour? 10. What is a bay? (10×3) C. Match the following..10*1. 1. Australia..(a.) jeruzalem. 2. Kenya.. .(b).. Canberra 3.Ireland ...(c.) Nairobi 4. libya.. (d) Tripoli 5. Malta..(e ) chhau 6. Bihu..(f) Assam 7. Raslila.(g) Gujarat 8. West Bengal... (h) valletta 9. Gujarat... (i )UttarPradesh 10. Corbett national Park...(j). Manas tiger sanctuary. _________?________
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Anjali Parshuram 3 months ago

I don't know

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