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Write SQL commands for the following: …



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Write SQL commands for the following: - (i) Display all students' information. (ii) Display Rohan Saini's information. (iii) Display number of students in the table. (iv) Display number of students in each gender. (v) Display students' information in ascending order using name. (vi) Display students' information in descending order using average marks. (vii) Display students' name starting with letter "K". (viii) Display students' information, whose name ends with "l". (ix) Display a report with adno,name,average*5 as total marks from student table. (x) Display students' information, whose average marks are in between 80 to 90. (xi) Display students' info., who are getting average marks of more than 80 and scode 333. (xii) Display students' name and average marks, whose scode is 222 and 333. (xiii) Display sum of average marks. (xiv) Display maximum average marks (xv) Display minimum average marks. (xvi) Display average value of average marks. (xvii) Display maximum, minimum and sum of average marks in each scode. (xviii) Display number of students in each scode
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