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English 19/01/2022 Section A 1)You can …



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English 19/01/2022 Section A 1)You can buy these magazines at ______ station. They all have them. One Many Any Some 2) He is an expert on languages, but he knows _________ about mathematics. little a lot of none of these few 3)________ of what he said was very sensible. Some Many A few Much 4)The dogs were ______ given a biscuit. All Each Much Every 5)The vocabulary list had been memorized by _______ of the 6)students and each one scored over 80 percent on the exam. a little all every the whole 7)There aren't _________ students in the library. none of these Much many a lot 8)Although she thought she knew _______ of the subject, the teacher asked a few details she hardly remembered. much none of these many both/whole 9)The report concludes sadly that ________ students have ________ knowledge of nuclear physics. Very few/some every/no none/any Both/whole 10)There isn't _______ point at all in getting upset about it. few any many none of these 11)She got her license without _____ problems. every some any All 12)There is ________ water left, so use carefully. Some Few Much Little 13)There is ______ water left, so drink only if you must. much some little none of these 14)I always keep _____ money in my wallet for emergencies. some every more any 15)______ teachers prefer a class that is fairly consistent in having pupils of the same level. Many None Each Most 16)The doctor advised me to eat _____ apple every morning. an a few the
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