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What is menstruation cycle



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What is menstruation cycle
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Ananya Agrawal 1 month ago

From ovary every 28 to 30 days one matured ovum /egg is released, during this period the uterine wall in female prepares itself to receive the developing fertilised egg. In case there is no fertilisation, the thickened lining of uterine wall breaks down and goes out of the body along with the blood.This is called menstruation.

Shashi Lata 1 month, 1 week ago

The process of the shedding of the utenus lining along with its blood vessel own a regular monthly basis called menstruation

Shaheema Saifi 1 month, 3 weeks ago

The shed off of blood vessels when pregnancy doesn't occur is called Menstruation. Menstruation starts from age 11 to 12 first menstrual cycle is called Menarche and the end of menstrual cycle is called menopause. Menstrual cycle occurs between 28 days and average menstrual cycle is of 4 to 7 days

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