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The wheel of motorcycle of radius is equal to 35 cm and find revolutions and distance is 11m how to find please explain
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Jaya Kanwar 1 month ago

R= 35cm Circumference of circle =2πR =2*22/7*35 =220 Total distance= 11m = 11*100cm = 1100cm Total number of revolution = 1100cm/220cm = 5 Total number of revolution taken by the wheel is 5

Kalpana Anandan 1 month ago

Given : The radius of the motorcycle wheel = 35 cm To find: number of revolution to travel a distance of 11 m As we know the circumference of circle is given by where r is the radius of circle and C is circumference of circle Now as given r = 35cm So Distance covered in one revolution = 220 cm Total distance = 11 m = 11 x 100 cm = 1100 cm Hence the wheel of motor cycle require 5 revolution to cover the distance of 11 m Find the number of revolution taken by the wheel of a truck to cover a distance of 78.5 km if the diameter of wheel is 1m. π=(3.14)

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