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Aftab tells his daughter. "Seven years ago, I was seven times as old as you were then, Also, three years from now. I shall be three times as old as you will be (Isn't this interesting?) Represent this situation algebraically and graphically
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Lokesh Lokesh 1 month, 1 week ago

Answer: Let the present age of Aftab bex And, present age of his daughter-y Seven years ago, Age of Aftab=X-7 Age of his daughter-y-7 According to the question, (x-7)=7(y-7) x-7=7y-49 x-7y=-42 (1) Three years hence. Age of Aftab = x+3 Age of his daughter-y+3 According to the question, (x+3)=3(y+3) x+3 =3y+9 x-3y=6 (2) Therefore, the algebraic representation is x-7y=-42 x-3y=6 For *-7y=-42 x=-42+7y

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