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real estate company is going to build a new residential complex. The land they have purchased can hold at most 4500 apartments. Also, if they make x apartments, then the monthly maintenance cost for the whole complex would be as follows: Fixed cost = ₹50,00,000. Variable cost = ₹(160x - 0.04x2)  The maintenance cost as a function of x will be 5000000 5000000 + 160x - 0.04x2 160x - 0.04x2 None of these If C(x) denote the maintenance cost function, then the maximum value of C(x) occur at x = 2000 4500 5000 0 The maximum value of C(x) would be ₹4000000 ₹5160000 ₹5000000 ₹5225000 To practice more questions & prepare well for exams, download myCBSEguide App. It provides complete study material for CBSE, NCERT, JEE (main), NEET-UG and NDA exams. The number of apartments, that the complex should have in order to minimize the maintenance cost, is 5000 4500 1750 3500 If the minimum maintenance cost is attained, then the maintenance cost for each apartment would be ₹1000 ₹2000 ₹1091.11 ₹1200
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