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Struck at their work stations, the majority of the Indian workforce leads a stressful and sedentary life. An event like running a marathon is an interesting diversion in such a situation. A corporate run is a celebratory occasion as it provides employees a chance for bonding together to encourage the spirit of community wellness and help showcase their endurance and their tenacity. II. Seeing the advantages of running corporate marathons, several large organizations have realized that teams that play together stay together. Last year a giant firm like Microsoft concluded its month-long campaign with a five-km run for its employees. They saw participation by its employees from over 150 employees across Microsoft businesses in Hyderabad. Another US based company in India organized a 10-km marathon recently and had 3500 employees putting their efforts together and demonstrating a sense of social responsibility. III. Wipro has started running a club at their Bengaluru office where more than 50 employees along with their families come to train for long-distance running with an expert coach. Even though training costs make up nearly two to three per cent of the total staffing budget, it is regarded as a worthwhile investment. The facility is available at no cost to the employees and their friends. Another company organized its 10-km run driven by the credo of reduce, reuse and recycle. A participant in this event said: “I often go cycling for fun on the weekends but this was the first time I had participated in an event like this. I was really happy to cycle all the way.’ In addition volunteers constantly combine the running with educating and creating awareness about greener living amongst the team members through various initiatives. IV. Marathons prove to be a spectacular way of combining social wellness programmes with and building a sense of social responsibility at the same time. Corporate runs and marathons help people relate to a larger sense of direction. They also bring a culture of working hard for long term goals. For a runner, at a personal level, it helps the individual gain immensely in terms of bringing discipline in life being able to engage within, staying focused and sustaining persistence over a longer period. Thus the marathon and corporate have become new milestones forged in the history of corporate relations.
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