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Describe different method of a asexual reproduction give examples and sexual reproduction with examples
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Preeti Dabral 1 month, 1 week ago

Asexual Reproduction Sexual Reproduction
A single parent is involved in the process. Two parents are involved in the process.
Meiosis does not happen. Meiosis happens during gametogenesis.
Gametogenesis does not happen. Gametogenesis happens.
The genotype of offspring is identical to that of a parent. The genotype of offspring is a combination of two parents and is hence different from parents.
It is mostly seen in simple organisms. It is prevalent in complex organisms.

Type of Asexual Reproduction in Unicellular Organisms:

  1. Binary Fission: In this case, the unicellular organism undergoes cell division and two daughter cells are produced. The parent generation ceases to exist after binary fission. Example: Amoeba.
  2. Multiple Fission: In this case, the nucleus of the mother cell divides into multiple nuclei. A cyst develops around the mother cell. The cyst helps the mother cell to tide over unfavourable circumstances. On resumption of favourable circumstances, the cyst disintegrates and daughter nuclei develop into new individuals. Example: Plasmodium, Entamoeba
  3. Budding: In this case, a bud develops at one end of the cell. The nucleus produces a daughter nucleus which then goes to the bud. The bud then gets detached from the mother cell and develops into a new individual. Example: yeast

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