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Find 8th term from the end of the A. P - 7,10,13..... 18th
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Deepak Sharma 1 week, 4 days ago

Correct answer is 37 , Explanation :- In this A.P. total terms are 18 so 8th term from last means 11th term from starting. (18-8+1=11th term) , Now according to A.P. 'a' is 7 (first term of A.P.) and 'd' is 3 (second term - first term = 10-7=3), Using formula :- 11th term = a + 10d = 7 + 10(3) = 7+30 = 37

Rishita Samanta 1 week, 4 days ago

Answer is 34 Explanation:-- There are 18 terms so 8th term from lats means 18-8 = 10th term. In here,we have a=7 & d=3 So using a^n= a+(n-1)×d =7+(10-1)×3 = 7+(9×3) = 7+27 =34

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