Ajay wants to construct a rectangular …

Ajay wants to construct a rectangular fish tank for his new house that can hold 72 feet cube of water the top of the tank is open the width of the tank will be 5 feet but the length and height are variable building the tank post rupees 10 per square foot for the base and rupees 5 per square foot for the side based on the above information Anshu the following question first in order to make a least expensive fish tank Ajay need to minimise its a volume BBC culture fishery RD coast II total cost of tank as a function of h can be represented as a pH is equal to 50 h -1 44 - 7 28 b c h bi equal to 50 h - 140 48 - 7 28 near me is equal to 50 + 144 h + 728 de-ch is equal to 50 h + 144 + 7.2 change of h is a 3 by 3 5 b0 infinite c08 d03 value at which Ch is minimum is a root 14.4 b-221 22c route 14.5 the 12.5 the course to feast expensive 10th is rupees 500 B2B 50 2.404 Z rupee 520 3.47 6600 105
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