What are the different forms of …

What are the different forms of power sharing in modern democracies? Give an example of each of these.
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Adithya Dev A 1 month ago

The four major forms of power sharing in modern democracies are :- 1) Power sharing between different organs of govt (LEGISLATURE, EXECUTIVE, JUDICIARY) = also called HORIZONTAL power sharing or system of checks and balances. Eg :- "Seperation of power" in Indian Constitution. 2) Power sharing between different tiers of govt = also called VERTICAL power sharing or federal system. Eg :- India (Union list, state list, concurrent list). 3) Power sharing between different social groups = Eg :- Reserved constituencies. 4) Power sharing between political parties, pressure groups, interest groups and movements = Elections, NDA UPA and Left front in India.

Atul Kumar 1 month ago

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Sumaila .... 1 month ago

✨ Major forms of power sharing in modern democracy are:✨ 🌳Power sharing among different Organs of the Government: In democracy, 🌳power is shared among Legislature, Executive and Juduciary. ... 🌳Governments at different levels: In federal form of government,🌳 power is shared between the central and state governments.:-) ............ I hope this is useful to u ..... If u have anu queries then just put #senior in ur question..

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