One scarcely feels the value and …

One scarcely feels the value and worth of a person until one comes to realise his or her loss justify the statement with reference to the last lesson?
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1. The youth is a dynamo, an ocean, an inexhaustible reservoir of energy. But this energy cannot be kept caged in prison. Its basic nature is to flow, to express itself. The youth energy on the basis of the nature of its expression can be divided into four categories. 2. The vast majority of the youth today is with the establishment, whose formula of life is learn, earn, burn and enjoy. It means learn to operate the modern devices and employ them to earn the maximum amount of wealth to the point of burning the natural resources of the earth, as well as yourself out, and then enjoy your own funeral. This category of youth is intelligent, skilful and hardworking but it lacks insight and foresight. They are self-indulgent and any sense of moral code of conduct is alien to their nature. Neither are they able to see in depth, to find out whether there is a deeper meaning and purpose to their human life, nor have they the capacity to look beyond the tips of their nose to find out the consequences of their way and approach, where it is leading them to. They are the ends into themselves and enjoyment is the motto of their life. 3. The second category of youth in nature and approach is the same but as it is less privileged and less qualified and skilled; it has lesser opportunities for earning and enjoying. Such youth may be incited to be against the establishment. This opposition takes various forms. When it is well-organised and systemic it may take the form of political opposition and even go to the extent of expressing itself in unjust ways. When the opposition is not so intense and organised, it remains contended with giving verbal expression to its resentment periodically. The youth of the above two categories need to be shown the right path to positively channelise their energy
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