Explain the ideas of Satyagraha according …

Explain the ideas of Satyagraha according to Gandhiji
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Ajay Topno 1 month ago

Satyagraha emphased the power if truth and the search for the truth.it says if the cause was true ,if the cause was against injustuce then the physical force is not required to fight the oppression or opponent.

Adithya Dev A 1 month ago

Mahatma Gandhi had returned to India in January 1915 from South Africa where he had brought several political and social reforms through a novel method of mass agitation known as SATYAGRAHA. It emphasized the power of truth and its need in the society. This method of passive resistance suggested that if the cause was true and the struggle was against injustice, then physical force won't be required to fight the oppressor. Without seeking vengeance or being aggressive, a Satyagrahi can easily win a battle. This is by appealing to the conscience of the oppressor. The oppressor should never be forced to accept truth. Rather, he needs to be convinced of the need to search for truth in the society. Thus, according to him, truth was bound to ultimately triumph.

😃 😃 1 month ago

*Mahatma Gandhi returned to India in January, 1915. His heroic fight for the Indians in South Africa was well-known. His novel method of mass agitation known as Satyagraha had yielded good results. *The idea of Satyagraha emphasized the power of truth and the need to search for truth. In 1916, Gandhi travelled to Champaran in Bihar to inspire the peasants to struggle against the oppressive plantation system. In 1917,crops field in Kheda district of Gujrat, but the government refused to remit land revenue and insisted on its full collection. *In 1918, Mahatma Gandhi intervened in a dispute between workers and mill owners of Ahmedabad. He advised to workers to go on strike and to demand a 35% increase in wages. *Satyagraha brought Gandhiji into close touch with the workers in the urban areas.

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