Enlist the committees for organizing sports …

Enlist the committees for organizing sports events and explain any 8 committees in detail
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Sia 🤖 4 weeks ago

list of committees for organizing sports events:
1. Committee for publicity.
2. Transport committee.
3. Boarding and loading committee.
4. Decoration and ceremony.
5. Refreshment and Entertainment committee.
6. Reception committee.
7. Ground and Equipment committee.
8. Announcement committee.
9. Committee for Officials

  1. Transport committee: this committee is responsible for providing the facilities regarding the transportation of various teams to the venue of sports events or the place of boarding and lodging as the case of maybe. Its main duty is to make necessary arrangements for transportation.
  2. Boarding and lodging committee: Boarding lodging committee is responsible for making necessary arrangement for providing accommodation and serving meals to the sportspersons and officials.
  3. Decoration and ceremony committee: decoration and ceremony committee is
    responsible for the decoration of the sports area of the stadium. It is also responsible to make the necessary arrangements for the opening ceremony, victory ceremony and closing ceremony of the games/sports meet. This committee also makes arrangements for trophies, medals and certificates.
  4. Ground and equipment committee: this committee is responsible for making the grounds or laying out the track and field. This committee also makes necessary arrangements of equipment related to the games/athletic meet. This committee is also responsible for providing the equipment according to specifications.
  5. Refreshment and Entertainment committee: this committee takes the charge of supplying refreshments and drinks to the guests, officials and competitors etc. it also makes some arrangement for entertainment programmes at the opening ceremony and closing ceremony of sports events.
  6. Reception committee: The members of this committee are responsible to welcome the chief guests at the opening and closing ceremonies. It is also the duty of this committee welcome the other guests and spectators.
  7. Committee for Officials: the committee selects various officials such as referees, judges, recorders, clerks of the course, starters, marshals, track umpires, timekeepers and lap scorers for athletic meet and referee, umpires, timekeepers, recorders, and judges, etc. in case of games as per requirement.
  8. Announcement committee: this committee is solely responsible for making various announcements during the sports meet or games. This committee announces regarding opening and closing ceremonies, which and when an event is going to take place, the name of officials, who are conducting the event and the running commentary of games/sports event.

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