A bag contains 6 white and …

A bag contains 6 white and 5 red balls. Another bag contain 5 white and 8 red balls . A ball is transfered from bag 1 to bag 2 and then a ball is drawn from second bag . Find the probability that the ball drawn from the second bag is red in colour
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Anish pandey tumne sirif last me answer galat likha h baki sab kuch thek h
Required prob =P(a white ball is transfered ) + P(a red ball is transfered) = 6/11×8/14 + 5/11×9/14 = 93/154
Babu doono ne galat kara h

Vivek Maurya 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Ans.88 upon 153

Anish Pandey 4 weeks, 1 day ago

A= ball drawn from 2nd bag Ei= ball transferred to 2nd bag was red Ej= ball transferred to 2nd bag was white Now, By theorem of total probability we have, P(A)= P(Ei) P(A/Ei) +P(Ej) P(A/Ej) P(Ei)= 5/11 P(Ej)= 6/11 P(A/Ei)= 9/14 P(A/Ej)= 8/14 P(A)= 5/11×9/14 + 6/11×8/14 P(A)= 93/11

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