Differentiate between being healthy and being …

Differentiate between being healthy and being disease free
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Brijendra Kumar 2 months ago

If someone is physically, mentally,socially, economically well that means if he /she is well in all aspects , he/she is said to be healthy. But being disease free only indicates the physical wellness (having no disease only).

Nandani Raj 2 months ago

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Muskan Jain 2 months ago

Being disease free means your body do not show any malfunctioning but you are not fit but being healthy means that you are completely fit

Gaurav Seth 2 months ago


Disease Free

A state of complete physical, mental and social well being

State of the absence of discomfort in any part of the body

It depends upon the individual as well as on social and environmental factors

It depends on the individual only

A healthy person will be disease-free

A disease-free person may or may not be healthy

A healthy person is energetic and is able to perform as per the requirement

The performance of a disease-free person depends upon the environment and personal attitude

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