Why Code 408 basic agriculture is …

Why Code 408 basic agriculture is not there?
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Honey Jain 1 month ago

Agriculture has been the prime enterprise for the National Economy of this country for centuries and that is why India is called Agrarian country. This sector also provides maximum employment to the people of this country. Agriculture is the production of food and fiber, ever since its advent. It has undergone several paradigm changes. The major landmark in Agriculture happened during 1960s when the country witnessed Green Revolution. Which boosted the crop production. Use of short duration crop varieties, fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural tools and expansion of area under irrigation were important interventions brought in Agriculture. Livestock is an integral part of Agriculture in India. Their by-products are used to build and maintain soil fertility along with plant protection. The animal products such as meat, milk and eggs are the source of nutrients in human diet as well. Several emerging dimensions of contemporary Agriculture such as organic agriculture and animal husbandry practices are now getting attention. Food processing, value addition and preservation have been the focus of policies formation in recent times which are helpful in minimizing the wastage in Agriculture. This is helping in better income realizing through marketing of value added products. The income from Agriculture can also be increased by associating in subsidiary enterprises such as mushroom production, bio-pesticides, bee-keeping, vermi-culture etc.
Sorry but I don't know 😅✌

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