Explain the mechanism of impulse transmission …

Explain the mechanism of impulse transmission by a neuron.
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Ayush Kashyap 1 week ago

Impulse is actually an electrical signals transmitted by neuron to brain a d further brain decides it and sent the requires and respective works that has been enacted by body two Britons are connected through a medium called synapse , the synaptic Bob's of two neurons consists of chemicals from which they signals for further processing and sensory neuron senses the signals and sent it to brain and further motar neuron sent back the drew procssing~~🤔😕
Thanks for your answer🙃 Good evening shiva✌😂 It's ok harsh if you don't know the answer 😌😁

Yogita Ingle 1 month ago

The transmission of nerve impulse from one neuron to another one takes place through the synapse, a minute gap between the nerve ending of one neuron and the dendrites of another neuron. The signal is first detected by the dendrites and then transmitted to the cell body, from where it reachs the nerve ending via the axon. From the nerve ending through the synapse it travels to another neuron.

Shivaji Gaykwad 1 month ago

You get up good morning priya

Harsh Arora 1 month ago


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