define parallax.
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Is friction depends upon surface area??
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A 5cm cube it's upper phase displaced by 0.2cm by a tangential force of 8N. Calculate the shearing stain, shearing stress and modulus of rigidity
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If the velocity of light c, acceleration due to gravity ğ and atmospheric pressure p are fundamental quantities, find the dimensions of length.
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A lighter body and a heavy body have the same momentum which one has greater kinetic energy. Justify your answer mathematically.
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Write a physical quantity which have magnitude and direction but not a vector
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Main topics for getting passing mark
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CGS unit of acceleration?
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What is hook's law?
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A mass 'm' is taken to a planet whose mass is =to half that of earth & radius is 4 times that of earth . Calculate the mass of the bodyl on this planet
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Define v=u+at from velocity time graph?
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