A uniform bar of length 70cm is supported on two knife edges as shown in figure find reactions of knife edges.
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A point charge is placed at point o is the potential difference VA- VB is positive ,negative or zero
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  1. The parallax of a heavenly body measured from two point diametrically opp. On the equator of the earth is 1.0minute.if the radius of the earth is 6400km, find the distance of the heavenly body from the centre of the earth in AU.?
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State abd explain the principle of superposition of gravitational forxe
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Ed millikan's Oil Drop experiment what is the terminal speed of is under change drop of radius 2.0 into 10 ki power minus 5 density 1.2 into 10 power 3 kilometre per you take the viscosity of air at the temperature of the experiment to be 1.8 into 10 ki power minus 5 Pascal second how much is the viscous force on the drop it that speed? Neglect buoyancy of the Drop due to air?
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Total syllabus of physics
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The position of an object is given by x= 2t×t+3t .Find out that it's motion is uniform or not
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What is electron
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The best reference book for physics is???
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the order of the size of our galaxy is...........?


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Why the steam go up even the gravity exist?
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