A stone is projected at an angle tita with an initial velocity u under the effect of gravity the derive the expression for 1. Horizontal range 2.maximum height 3.time of flight
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If a distance covered by a car in 10s of the motion is 230 meter,and in 14s ,830 meter. Calculate the distance travalled in 1 min
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Hi please find attached my updated
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What is difference between uni versal gravitation constant (G) and gravitational due to acceleration(g).
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The radius of a solid sphere is measured to be 11.24cm. the surface area of sphere appropriate significant figures is...........................

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find the time in which an object reaches the velocity 54km/h from 10m/sec without an accerlation of 2m/sec²
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find the area of triangle height h=i-2j+k and base =i +j. Find the angle between A and B when modules of a+b= modulus of a - b
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What is escap velocity ?
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Proof of cp-cv=R
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Why a coolie does no work when he moves on a level road while carrying a box on his head
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