If everything depends on time then why do certain physical quantities have their dimensional formula for T raised to the power 0 ?
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The moon subtends an angle of 57' mins at the base line equal to the radius of the earth.What is the distance of the moon frm the earth.(radius of the earth = 6.4 x 10-6  )

pls answer fast   

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What is cannot heat engine
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What is difference between harmonic motion and harmonic oscillation
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Two forces of magnitude 5N and 7N act a particle with an angle of 60 between them . Find the magnitude and direction of resultant and force?
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Define and derive radius of gyration .
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Derivation for expression of pressure
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Which quantity shown by d2v/ dv2
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State keleper' s law of planetary motion?
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Do we need to cover Ray Optics for class plus one Physics in this session?
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By calculus method as well as graphical method prove v=u+at
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