Is there any app in gujarati language?
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How to find the exact values of Trignometric Functions of Different degrees like - Sin 7.5° , Cos 15° , Tan 23° & Much more . If their is any trick to find it then plz Guide me 

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A spherical metal ball of mass 0.5kg is moving of a smooth horizontal floor with a velocity 0.5meter per second . If it directly Hits another identical ball at rest and if the collision is perfectly elastic then find the velocities of a and b after collision .
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For angle of projection which exceed or fall short of 45 degree by an equal amount the ranges are equal. Prove this statement
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Two particles start moving from same posi
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What is dimensional Formula of gravity
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What is perfectly elastic collision
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What is ascent formulae
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person holding a rifle (mass of person and rifle together is 100 kg) stands on a smooth surface and fires 10 shots horizontally, in 5 s. Each bullet has a mass of 10 g with a muzzle velocity of 800 ms 1. The final velocity acquired by the person and the average force exerted on the person are
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Integration questions
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The height Y and the distance X along the horizontal plane of a projectile on a certain planet(with no atomosphere) are given by Y=(8t-5t×t)m and X=6tm,where t is time in second.The angle with the horizontal at which the projectile was projected is?
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