In a group of 400 people ...

In a group of 400 people 250 can speak eng only and 70 can speak hindi only . Find no. Of people those can speak both eng nd hindi.
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Sia ūü§Ė 11¬†months, 3¬†weeks ago

Let H be the set of people speaking Hindi and E be the set of people speaking English.
{tex}\therefore{/tex} n(H) = 250, n(E) = 70 and {tex}n(H \cup E) = 400{/tex}
We have to find {tex}n(H \cap E){/tex}
We know that {tex}n(H \cap E) = n(H) + n(E) - n(H \cap E){/tex}
{tex}\therefore 400 = 250 + 70 - n(H \cap E){/tex}
{tex}\therefore n(H \cap E) = 450 - 320 = 130{/tex}

Yashpal Negi 11 months, 2 weeks ago

80 can speak both english and hindi

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