Helen👧 found new surprises during Christmas🎅🎉🎊 ...

Helen👧 found new surprises during Christmas🎅🎉🎊 with Ms. Sullivan👵. Describe the character of Ms. Sullivan in the light💡 of this statement
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Gaurav Seth 2 months, 1 week ago

As the Christmas approached,the writer's excitement soared to a new high.The teacher and the writer got themselves immersed in reflections about the type of gift she would be heaped on.The writer paid a visit to a school Tuscumbia where,in the schoolroom,the Christmas tree stood glittering with amazing fruits dangling from its branches.But she was overwhelmed with ecstasy when her teacher gifted her a canary bird.Every morning she tidied up her large;gave her food and water prepared her bath but the happiness did not last long,one day ,her prized canary bird became an ease prey to a bit cat.

Abe tb hi to pucha h

Shivendra Singh 😎 2 months, 1 week ago

Are paper 📄hai toh padho jake

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