साख क्या है?

साख क्या है?
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Muskan Mehta 2 years, 2 months ago


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A in 8048 frederic sorrieu of French artist prepare a series of print visualising his dream of world made of democratic and social Republic as he called them the first print off series Koun the people of Europe and America men and women of all ages and social classes matching in a long chat and offering home is to the Statue of Liberty as pass by it as you recall artist of that time of French Revolution personified Liberty as a female figure hair you can recognise the torch of enlightment CBR in one hand the Karta of men of right in the other hand the earth in the foreground the image like the settled remains the symbol of absolute institutions in saree of Utopian vision the people of of world are grouped as a distinction identify through their flags Nation customs leading the process Precision way past the Statue of Liberty are the United States and Switzerland which by the time already Nation estate France identified by the Revolutionary tricolour has reached the statue she is followed by the people of Germany wearing the black red and gold flag instantly at the time in saree created this image the German people did not yet exist as a United Nation the flag they carry is an extension of the liberal hopes with in 1848 to unify the numerous German speaking please participants in to the nation and state under the democratic constitution following the German peoples other peoples of Austria the king on EP 26 JEE and romatic Poland England Ireland hungry Russia from the Heavens Above The Crescent and Angels Grace upon the scenes they have been used the artist to symbolise the fraternity among the nation Half World this chapter will deal with mini officer visualising by the battery in figure 1 during the 19 Sachin insulin emerge as a force which browser about the shipping charges in the political mental world of Europe the end result of these changes by the emergence of nation states in place the multinational dynasty camp area of Europe the concept practice of the modern state is centralised power of exercise sobrante control over clearly Territory has been developing over long period of time in Europe but the nation-state was born in which the majority of citizen not only the rule come to develop a sense of Koun identity and share the history UIDAI send this common nice did not exist in the form of Immortal it is forgot through the suggestion that the action of Leda and the common people this chapter will look with that I was process through which Indian state and nationalism come into being in the 19th Century Europe thanks
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