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User Submitted Papers for Class 10 Social Science

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CBSE User Submitted Papers Class 10 Social Science

CBSE User Submitted Class 10 Social Science

CBSE  Social Science model question paper

CBSE User Submitted Papers for class 10  Social Science and User Submitted Papers & Solutions of 10  Social Science are made available by CBSE every year just after the board exams are over. CBSE marking scheme and blue print is provided along with the User Submitted Papers. This helps students find answer the most frequently asked question, How to prepare for CBSE board exams. The best way to prepare for board exams is to understand the questions pattern and practice them as given in User Submitted Papers.

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Board User Submitted Papers of class 10  Social Science

CBSE class 10 Board Submitted Papers for  Social Science for the year 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 with solutions in PDF format for free download. The User Submitted Papers last 10 year for all – NCERT books and based on CBSE latest syllabus must be downloaded and practiced by students. These old 5 to 10 year board User Submitted Papers are the best source to understand question paper pattern and chapter wise weightage in class 10th  Social Science question paper.

Chapter-wise Marks distribution for class 10  Social Science board exam






India and the Contemporary World - II




Contemporary India - II




Democratic Politics - II




Understanding Economic Development







Class 10 Social Science Marking scheme

Time: 3 Hours (Max. Marks: 80)

Remembering  -  (Knowledge  based Simple recall questions, to  know specific facts,  terms,  concepts, principles, or theories;  Identify,  define,  or recite, information)
VSA Question (1 mark) =0
SA Question I (3 mark) = 2
LA Question (5 mark) = 2
Total Marks = 16
Weightage = 20%

Understanding -  (Comprehension  -to  be familiar  with  meaning and to  understand conceptually,  interpret,  compare, contrast,  explain,  paraphrase, or interpret information)
VSA Question (1 mark) = 3
SA Question I (3 mark) = 1
LA Question (5 mark) = 2
Total Marks = 16
Weightage = 20%

Application  (Use  abstract  information  in concrete  situation,  to apply knowledge to  new situations;  Use given content  to interpret a  situation,  provide  an  example, or solve a  problem)
VSA Question (1 mark) = 2
SA Question I (3 mark) = 3
LA Question (5 mark) = 2
Total Marks = 21
Weightage = 26%

Higher Order  Thinking  Skills (Analysis & Synthesis -  Classify, compare, contrast, or  differentiate between  different pieces of information;  Organize and/or  integrate unique pieces of information  from  a variety  of sources)
VSA Question (1 mark) =2
SA Question I (3 mark) = 3
LA Question (5 mark) = 1
Total Marks = 16
Weightage = 20%

Creating,  Evaluation  and Multi- Disciplinary-  (Generating new ideas, product or ways of viewing things Appraise, judge,  and/or  justify  the value or worth  of  a  decision or outcome,  or to predict  outcomes based on values)
SA Question (3 mark) = 2
Total = 6
Weightage = 8%

VSA Question (1 mark) = 2
SA Question (3 mark) = 1
Total = 5
Weightage = 06%

Total marks = 80 marks

VSA = 1 x 9 = 9

SA = 3 x 12 = 36

LA = 5 x 7 = 35

CBSE Social Science User Submitted Papers General Instructions

Time allowed: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 80 marks

General Instructions:

  • The question paper comprises two sections, A and B. You are to attempt both the sections.
  • All questions are compulsory.
  • All questions of Section-A and B are to be attempted separately.
  • There is an internal choice in 2 questions of 3 marks each and 1 question of 6 marks.
  • Question numbers 1 and 2 in Section-A are one mark question. They are to be answered in one word or in one sentence.
  • Question numbers 3 to 5 in Section- A are two marks questions. These are to be answered in 30 words each.
  • Question numbers 6 to 15 in Section-A are three marks questions. These are to be answered in about 50 words each.
  • Question numbers 16 to 21 in Section-A are 5 marks questions. These are to be answered in 70 words each.
  • Question numbers 22 to 27 in Section- B are based on practical skills. Each question is a two marks question. These are to be answered in brief

Class 10 User Submitted Papers and syllabus

CBSE class 10 Social Science have following chapters. Questions are asked from these chapters. CBSE schools are advised to follow NCERT text books. Here is the list of chapters in class 10 SocialScience.

Class 10 Social Science List of Chapters NCERT Book


  • Development
  • Sector of Indian Economy
  • Money and Credit
  • Globalization of Indian Sector
  • Consumer Rights


  • Resources and Development
  • Forest and Wildlife Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Minerals and Energy Resources
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Lifelines of National Economy


  • The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  • The Nationalist Movement in Indo China
  • Nationalism in India
  • The Making of a Global World
  • The Age of Industrialisation
  • Work Life and Leisure
  • Print Culture and The Modern World
  • Novels Society and History


  • Power Sharing
  • Federalism
  • Democracy and Diversity
  • Gender Religion Caste
  • Popular Struggle and Movements
  • Political Parties
  • Outcomes of Democracy

User Submitted Papers for CBSE Class 10

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